Nottingham, England's Sleaford Mods are back with a follow up to ​​2015's excellent Key Markets. English Tapas once again finds the duo delivering one of the freshest albums of the year, they remain true to their style without rehashing the last LP. Standouts include "Time Sands," "Just Like We Do" and "B.H.S." (video attached). Get it from Rough Trade. - selecta j-cut 10-8-17

This is another one that I've been putting off writing about, it came out a while back but is well worth checking out. The Bug is Kevin Martin (previously Techno Animal) and is responsible for some of the noisiest, grimiest riddims to come out in the last 10 years and has tunes voiced by the likes of Warrior Queen, Daddy Freddy and Burro Banton. Martin collaborated with San Francisco guitar-experimentalist Dylan Carlson (Earth) back in 2014 for the "Boa / Cold" 12", now they are back with this beautifully pressed Double-LP on Ninja Tune.

All of the bangin' beats that are undeniably The Bug's forte are there, as well as multi-textural layers of sound enjoyable in the dancehall or the lounge.

Give this one a listen or two. Get it HERE. - selecta j-cut 10-8-17

Get Dub Syndicate - Displaced Masters HERE

Nothing- By John Meat

Dub Syndicate - Displaced Masters

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Kool Keith - Feature Magnetic (Mello Music Group / Bandcamp)

Xordox Neospection

Danzig Annual to do list /// Misfits / Samhain Agenda for the rest of the month -
1) prime directive . exterminate the whole human race.
2) Land in barren fields, with UFO's , (inseminate little girls optional)
3) Find out who killed Kennedy and Marilyn
4) Walk the night
5) Salt the dead
6) ask mother permission to go kill at night
7) try not to be a god damned sunnofabitch
8) collect skulls
9) Remember Halloween
10) Get the 20 eyes out of my fucking head .. they are all the same !

Dave is one of my favorite frontmen from my time of seeing bands. He's provided vocals for a few bands , Tear it Up (NJ) , Pagan Rituals , and recently is in a very promising band called Obedience (TX). After a mere 2 or 3 listens, I'm in. Dave is currently in the metro Austin TX area and I thought I saw a pic of him taming a falcon , although I know he is quite fond of dogs.
"Brain eaters is basically a throwaway. 
It's short enough that it doesn't really bother me but it's definitely a song that I've never put on a mix tape "

Matt Weider has played guitar for a few bands. Mouthpiece , Automatic , and currently, Miracle Drug. If my geography serves correct he is in Indiana right outside Louisville KY. Always dug the way Matt blends melody with straightforward hardcore power chords. I must retreat to my chamber to study his recent work.
"I should start off by saying I'm not a Misfits mega-fan or anything, but I do love Walk Among Us... When it comes to that album, I could do without Braineaters... I guess it's not terrible, but the other songs on the album are all so much better "

The Bug Vs Earth Concrete Desert

Downtown Boys - Cost Of Living (Sub Pop)

Misfits Samhain Danzig Plan 9 Halloween
Lee Scratch Perry Super Ape Returns To Conquer

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​Purling Hiss - High Bias (Drag City)


Thanks for checking out, visit again soon as updates are imminent.

The Father Figures - Heavy Lifting (Slope Records)

​Coldcut X On-U Sound - Outside The Echo Chamber (Ahead Of Our Time)

To the left is Mama Cat, she lived on the patio of our last apartment for several years where she had two litters of kittens and we took her with us when we moved into a house. She now resides in my music room on top of a Technics SL-1200. For the past year or so I have been getting to know her and trying to domesticate her. We listen to a lot of records together, but I like to think that her favorite records are by African Head Charge.

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I've written before of how influential Adrian Sherwood has been to me and many others that love Reggae, especially Dub, and also have an ear for experimental and avant-garde sounds as well as electronic music in general. His production led me to the works of  Jamaican legends Lee "Scratch" Perry, Bim Sherman and Prince Far I, as well as to Industrial-Dance icons KMFDM and to the extreme lyricism of The Pop Group front-man Mark Stewart and fellow Bristol MC Gary Clail. Diversity, forward-thinking and uniqueness are characteristic of Sherwood's work which is probably why his music from many years ago still sounds fresh today.

​The Punk Rock Olympics is a marathon of music & hilarious semi-competitive events, bringing various parts of our punk rock community together!

The Second Annual Punk Rock Olympics is a three-day music and events festival at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom with 26+ international and local bands November 18, 19 & 20th. It is a marathon of music and “sport” events combining hilarious competitions and activities with punk rock music, art and culture. Sports will be everything from crowdsurfing races to disc golf and hazardous limbo competitions. Kicked off with a very untraditional opening ceremony including a torch run, a man on fire, a live brass band and ceremonial fire lighting. This event is sure to knock your socks off! Vendors from tasty treats to punk rock fashion with raffle and door prizes from Austin’s best Tattoo shops, record companies and local businesses. The Punk Rock Olympics is about unity, inspiration, and change!

Bands: Verbal Abuse • The Bad Engrish • Maid of Ace • Pok Gai • Starving Wolves • Sniper 66 • ESE • Sober Daze • The Wheelz • Avenue Rockers • Worm Suicide • The Elected Officials • Antithought • 13th Victim •The Dispicables • Knockin’ Bones • Smartboyz • Splatter • Sorted Scoundrels • Bondage • Casual Relapse • Ixteria Korrosiva • Gashgasm • Sonic Ammunition • Lawnraker • DJ John Fiend • Collective Discord

Date: November 18, 19 & 20
Time: Nov 18 = 7pm to 2am, Nov 19 = 4pm to 2am & Nov 20 = 4pm to 12am
Ages: 21+

I feel like she finds the ambience soothing and is intrigued by the environmental sounds and eclectic rhythms. Of course, I can't verify that this is what she actually thinks, she's a cat, that would just be silly. Anyhow, check out My Life In A Hole In The Ground, Environmental Studies, Drastic Season, Off The Beaten Track and Return Of The Crocodile and experience it for yourself.

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De La Soul are a band that has consistently defied the status quo and pushed boundaries. From their debut single "Plug Tunin'" and LP 3 Feet High And Rising they rejected the B-Boy braggadocio and posturing that was dominant in Hip-Hop at the time, one less commercialized than now, but still often as materialistic and money obsessed as the modern era. Instead they embraced positivity, unity and peace with what they coined the Daisy - Da Inner Sound Y'all - Age, which a lot of critics took to mean that they were Hip-Hop hippies, so on their second album, De La Soul Is Dead, they killed the image and reinvented themselves with a little more seriousness without losing the zany edge, still working with producer Prince Paul, they brought the art of the skit to the next level. They also further pioneered the art of creating songs entirely from pieces of other songs following in the footsteps of Marley Marl or Public Enemy's Bomb Squad. With every release since, the Plugs have proven themselves to be genuine artists that will not settle with the sub-par, cliche or banal.

The newest record from the Native Tongue family is real hip hop. I am not fit to speak about other hip hop that has dropped since 1993. There are exceptions. I thought the Wu Tang family had some good maybe great songs and releases but by now they are even "classic."
At the time of Low End Theory and before  I was an avid fan of that era of native tongue family and more. If that is you, then check this LP out. It delivers the the 'boom bap' and the flow that you may come to admire,  in a modern context.  
ATCQ could have tightened up the artwork because all the previous efforts looked pretty legit. the cover art figure looks like a child drew it and i thought my CD booklet had fake "ring wear"  which if so , made me ask why. But I digress because the music and the message is on point. 
The songs. "We the People" is legendary. The beat is savage. It features a cleverly hidden Black Sabbath bass line sample from "behind the wall of sleep" Also a chorus that contains an earworm. I catch myself playing it in my head long after I hear it. 

Several of the tunes were from Singers & Players and featured vocals by the likes of the angelicly toned  Bim Sherman​ and gruff, bass voiced wisdom of  Prince Far I. The latter's "Bedward The Flying Preacher" still sounds aurally exciting to me after nearly 30 years of listening, and now can be heard (along with Far I's "Autobiography" a tale of his roots in Spanish Town, welding, chatting with Sir Mike the Musical Dragon sound system as King cry Cry until christened  Prince Far I and recording with the likes of Bunny Lee) remastered on the reissue of the third S&P LP Staggering Heights. You can also hear Congo Ashanti Roy on "African Blood" and "Snipers In The Streets," Mikey Dread on "School Days," Bim Sherman's "Matter Of Time" and "Socca," and the spacey jazz dub "This Assembly." Originally released in 1983, the original sleeve said "Another 1993 On-U Sound Production," a thing the label would do, i assumed because they were 10 years ahead of their time. Well, the times have finally caught up to On-U Sound and, fortunately, the reissues and new material keep coming (look out for unreleased African Head Charge material at the end of the month). This one is crucial for Reggae lovers, get it HERE.

​Xordox - Neospection (Editions Mego)

Welcome to where Music and Art serve as solace to the tedium of a commodified existence. Putting the spotlight on the oft overlooked, those creating not for intent of profit, but of purity, progress, evolution of consciousness or to uplift the downtrodden. DIY is the ethos, "Now Or Never" the mantra, forever exploring and learning, only stagnation should be avoided. 

Father Figures Heavy Lifting

The only complaint I have about this album, being the vinyl fiend that I am, is that it is not (yet) available on wax. If it were within my powers to press it myself, I would but I understand that that isn't a cheap...shall i say, Process. Big Up The Process, keep doing what you do! :) selecta j-cut 

Bristol Dubstep producer / DJ Pinch has been collaborating with Sherwood since 2012's Recovery Time EP (a remix project from the Survival And Resistance LP) and is clearly an On-U Sound head.  Their first Double LP together, the excellent Late Night Endless, came out in 2015 (also on On-U Sound / Tectonic). The evolution of their combined techniques is evident throughout the luscious soundscapes, malicious bass and hype rhythms contained on this  gatefold packaged 2 record set.

Beginning with "Roll Call," a double-timed bass bin annihilator to set things off, "Itchy Face" comes in an up-tempo psyche-dub journey. These songs have a real soundtrack quality to me, I can visualize an action flick set to this. "Midnight Mindset" keeps the tempo up and has a killer breakdown. "Lies" brings Lee "the Upsetter" Perry back reworking some Time Boom X De Devil Dead lyrics, nice sax on this tune. It's followed by "Unlearn" and a vinyl only bonus track called "Jazzy Geoff Cakes" which has a really cool vintage James Bond soundtrack feel.

Record 2 starts with "Charger'" which has a vibe similar to Sherwood & Pinch's "Music Killer" 12", minimal, fast and funky. "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" reminds me a bit of "Moments In Love" with ethereal keys and a slow-motion groove and some interesting discordant parts. "Juggling Act" picks the pace back up to form a wild techno-dancehall hybrid guaranteed to get ravers winding their waistlines. "Retribution" is a Pinch track with a hardcore driving distorted kick that weaves in and out of your consciousness through the subliminal atmospherics. "Gun Law" is a Dub-Step-Dancehall floor filler, definitely going to work this one into my sets. The album closes with "Man Vs. Sofa" a sparse and slow tune that showcases Mr. Sherwood & Pinch's great talent in manipulating and articulating sound and effects. 

To sum it up, there's not a bad song on the album, can listen straight through without an urge to skip a track. Highly recommended, get it HERE. 

Review by Selecta J-Cut

Next in rotation, by Dub Gabriel, is ADSR Dub, the excellent follow up to 2013's Raggadub Resistance. 

As the title implies, this is a synth-laden project. Experimental dub is right up my alley and the Kraut-Rock influence meshes nicely, creating something different and fresh while maintaining that vibe that has captivated Reggae lovers for so many years. Guests include melodica by Addis Pablo (son of original Rocker Augustus Pablo), as well as dee-jay veteran Ranking Joe ("Freedom Dub") and the late Spaceape on "Real Time Illusion."

Give this one a listen and order on Bandcamp.  selecta j-cut 9-21-17

​Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System - Super Ape Returns To Conquer (Subatomic Sound / Echo Beach)

Review by John Meat

A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service

I've been procrastinating writing this review as I had planned for it to be in depth and heartfelt, worthy of or equal to the artistic merit and profound poetic content that can be found on this disc. Having started making records in the late 70's with The Boys Next Door, and continuing into the 80's with The Birthday Party and later The Bad Seeds, Cave has been a prolific singer and writer who has received a lot of well-deserved recognition for his past few albums, as well as soundtrack work and books. This one continues the legacy, made after the tragic death of his son, melancholy and bittersweet, with a depth that few artists can attain. "They told us our Gods would outlive us, but they lied," he says in "Distant Sky." Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, Martyn Casey and company adeptly handle the instrumentation on these lush yet ethereal, electronic while organic tracks.

 After nearly a month of critical listening, I've concluded that there is nothing that I can say to add to or take away from a masterpiece like this, let me just leave you with "buy this album  Here." - selecta j-cut

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​The Pop Group - Honeymoon On Mars (Freaks R Us Records)

The more things change the more they stay the same, some of us are nostalgic, but it's like 1984 all over again, which is bad for humanity but good for music and art. To help us cope with the next 4 years, our old Canadian friends D.O.A. are back to wreck the party with the new 7" single "Fucked Up Donald," also features "The Cops Shot A Kid" and "Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More." Available from Alternative Tentacles.

African Head Charge - Return Of The Crocodile
Cultcha Clash Tee-Shirt

Click image to buy album.

Next we have Pete Reilly. Pete played guitar in a few projects, one of these was NJ's own Mouthpiece. We share an appreciation for fine art.  Pete currently plays in The Eulogy out of L.A. which features Pete of course plus members of Madball , Agnostic Front, Mouthpiece , and more. Follow the link Here.
"I'd probably say the song I skip would be Static Age.  I never liked the way it drags."

Jill Scott sets it off on a soulful note with "Genesis" leading into "Royalty Capes," on which thumping jazz infused beats lay the foundation for Pos & Dave's subliminal wordplay showing right away that even in their absence, these cats never missed a beat. Next up, the Snoop Dogg collaboration, "Pain," is an upbeat floor-filler in the spirit of "A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays." "Property Of Spitkicker" concludes side A in proper Native Tongues fashion with plenty of Boom-Bap and lyrics galore with bars from Roc Marciano.

Side B starts with "Memory Of" featuring the legendary Pete Rock and a hook by Estelle. It's a real soulful groove, undeniably Hip-Hop but musically much more, this one was recently performed with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon's show, so it's sure to be a hit. "CBGB's" segues into the rocking "Lord Intended," probably my least favorite track on the album but still a head-nodder. "Snoopies" is one that I couldn't wait for because it teams them up with the great David Byrne. His quirkiness and the future-funk sound of the chorus in juxtaposition to the gritty chopped rhythms and raw rhymes of it's two verses combine to create a modern masterpiece. 

"Greyhounds" is the first song on side C and enlists the help of R&B crooner Usher for a Hip-Hop tear-jerker, with tales of isolation and abandonment. "Sexy Bitch" acts as an interlude to "Trainwreck" on which they delve into relationships and feelings as the topic over funky go-go bells. Little Dragon guest star on "Drawn"- abstract beats, strings, harmonies and melodies that wouldn't sound out-of-place on a Prince album, minimal rapping, this one could be an indie hit. Wrapping up side 3 is "Whoodeeni," reaching out to younger listeners with guest MC 2 Chainz, the old-school electro feel will still appeal to the older heads.

"Nosed Up" starts side D with a dis to the booshie and perhaps to those engaging in certain other nasal activities. "You Go Dave" is a skit, predictably, silliness ensues. "Unfold," the hidden LP track on the Kickstarter version of the release, uniquely blends an old-western theme with De La playing the roles of travelers who find themselves in some "Paul Revere" style adventures and mischief. The climactic "Here In After" finds them again collaborating with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) for one of the most powerful songs on the album. Excellent production on this one, should be massive. The last song, "Exodus" concludes the album in a lovely fashion, inspirational and uplifting. Once again, De La Soul have seen what Hip-Hop is lacking and used their creativity and originality to fill that void, now it's time for other rappers to try to catch up. Buy album HERE. - selecta j-cut

​Dub Gabriel - ADSR Dub (Destroy All Concepts / BandCamp)

Check out Meat Sheet Here

​Review of And The Anonymous Nobody by De La Soul

This one is quite overdue, as the album dropped back in May, but better late than never. Coldcut is an influential UK DJ/ Producer duo who's 1989 debut LP What's That Noise? featured "Stop This Crazy Thing" with Black Uhuru's Junior Reid and an extended dub by Adrian Sherwood (Headmaster Mix). Outside The Echo Chamber reunites these, now legendary, music makers.

I was fortunate enough to cop a limited edition 8 x 7" boxed set of 45's, pre-ordered (there are actually quite a few copies available still on Discogs). As a selector, the format is ideal although it would have been nice to have the songs version pressed on a separate record for juggling (but I'm not complaining, will just have to get a second set). 

A lot of stand-out cuts here, "Vitals" shows Roots Manuva at his finest, the raw and grimey "Robbery" features lyrics of Rholin X. "Divide And Rule" brings the previously mentioned Junior Reid into the picture along with Lee "Scratch" Perry and singer Elan mashed up to make a bubbling, conscious dancehall scorcher, cultcha rudebwoy style!

All of the vocal tunes include dub versions. "Make Up Your Mind" is made up of two different vocal tracks, one by Jamaican sing-jay CeCille and the other by Elan, with the two singers perspectives on relationship matters juxtaposed over a hot steppers riddim. This one is a potential hit, for sure.

I am a fan of the band Nothing's music. That is the gist of this piece. They channel the dream rock of the 90's. Here is some material that was written between June 2016 and October 2016 about the band. I don't care about the lyrics having dark, morose and bleak content. I couldn't give a wipe about any internet flaming and insulting that may or may not be connected to them or colleagues. If anything, if you want to deviate from the sound of the band, let them be commended in taking a stand for what they value. If you don't know what I am referencing then watch the documentary on You Tube or google them. I choose to focus on their sound. 

When I heard Guilty of Everything , the first LP,  I was enchanted by the way the harder sounds reminded me of Hum , pre techno (Adore) Smashing Pumpkins. Nothing skillfully and seamlessly weaves the soft and airy feels  of the Creation and 4AD bands to come before them in with that. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some subconscious  punk and hardcore that is mixed in to the harder riffs although it is probably subtle.  Nothing soars right into the ether that Slowdive was bathing in ,  drifts and glides for a while , then spiral down into a heaviness one may have felt when discovering the early Sub Pop catalog .  Then in 2016 it has been said they continue a similar way stopping to pay tribute to dropped D like songs you may find on Nirvana records ( again just more early Sub Pop records) . Bottom line. I hate the term shoegaze. However if you like some of those bands from 90's up until now, then you may be overdue to check out Nothing. They pull all the above off and I was hooked from day one.

When me and a friend heard " Vertigo Flowers " from the latest LP we both agreed living some 2500 miles apart that these guys are going to transcend the small bar scene into bigger venues. Sure as bowl cuts, EMF and Jesus Jones they already have. I say let them play arenas, if they can summon more outer space , atmosphere , and a killer breakdown as found on said song Vertigo Flowers ( which is very pummeling, basic , and seems like that stranger you knew in a past life) then so mote it be.
The follow up LP ,  "Tired of Tomorrow" has already been out a few minutes.  I caught them on the 1st leg of  the U.S. tour promoting that.  I interviewed Nick , Kyle , and Brandon separately and will use some of the content on this site.  Until then look at a few pics of Wrong , Culture Abuse and Nothing as this was the line up I was able to see in June '16.

Here's another reason to love St. Vincent, see her versions of Big Black  "Kerosene" and The Pop Group "She Is Beyond Good And Evil" (link)

Lee "Scratch" Perry has been one of the most innovative musical figures that the world has known, creating for over fifty years, this album shows that he still has what it takes. Alongside Brooklyn's Subatomic Sound System, "Scratch" has recreated his 1976 Black Ark Studios masterpiece The Upsetters - Super Ape for this millennium. 

The tunes have been re-recorded and remixed for the electronic-dub generation with sub-bass boosted to full speaker annihilation while remaining grounded in the roots and culture base of their original versions. Guest dee-jay's Jahdan Blakkamoore & Screechy Dan fill the shoes of Max Romeo on "Chase The Devil." "Underground Roots" features vocals by the late Ari Up (The Slits, New Age Steppers), and is remixed from the 7" version with Perry's vocals recorded with assistance from Adrian Sherwood.

Great album, get it HERE. - selecta j-cut 10-8-17

Vinyl Encounters Of The Rewind is a video-blog hosted by Selecta J-Cut and guests about music, records and the artists who make them. Tune in here.

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It's taken me ​some time to get to the latest offering from JG Thirlwell. If you're not familiar with the name, perhaps you have heard of one of his aliases such as Clint Ruin, Frank Want or Foetus (and several variations of, including You've Got Foetus On Your Breath and Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel).

Xordox is an instrumental (mostly) electronic-synth project far off from Thirlwell's early material, but logical in the progression of his body of work. The tracks have the soundtrack quality that exists in much of his material (exemplified in his Venture Brother's scores and work on the past few seasons of Archer). Arpeggiating vintage synth sounds at times can be reminiscent of recognizable influences like Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream but overall it's uniquely Thirlwell's sound, along with guitar on three tracks by Sarah Lipstate. Production was done at his own Self Immolation Studios and includes recording from his residency at EMS Studios in Stockholm.  Get it HERE- selecta j-cut 10-8-17

D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death Records)

The latest LP from Asian Dub Foundation frontman Ghetto Priest once again finds Adrian Sherwood behind the boards and an all-star cast of musicians. An exceptional album, the result of Priest's silk-smooth lyrics addressing social change ​and 'nuf reality and tightness of instrumentation by the likes of the late Style Scott, frequent On-U collaborator George Oban (Aswad), Skip McDonald, Kenton "Fish" Brown and Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie. 

Top notch roots with a few covers from the likes of Peter Tosh ("Babylon Queendom") and Judy Mowatt ("Black Woman").

Get it HERE.  selecta j-cut 9-21-17

Cultcha Clash Collage

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A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here

I first heard Providence, Rhode Island's Downtown Boys when I checked out 2015's Full Communism LP and was pretty impressed. This year, support for this band will no doubt continue to grow with Cost Of Living.

Nothing too groundbreaking, but tight musicianship and strong, energetic, political punk, supercharged by vocalist Victoria Ruiz, shouting in English and Spanish, passionately delivering provocative lyrics. Get it HERE. - selecta j-cut 10-8-17

Next is my fave track "Teddy's Servo Motors" for the title and for the song itself. You get this phrasing of guitar and vocals that repeats for almost a minute and a half and is hypnotic. Maybe like a guy building remote control servos late into the night trying to get it right ? Dunno.  As of right now I have no idea what is being sung but this one song of a few where you may hear the P.I.L. John Lydon  vocal reference that N.P.R.'s review mentioned. Spot on. Then Mike "walks " the notes into a heavier phrase that has been used lots but maybe not as nearly effectively. Think of stuff like early Kiss ,  straight blues , mustache rock , NWOBHM ,  etc, you will know it when you hear it.  " Pulsations " is probably the fastest number on here. Fast , gritty ,garage sawdusty sounding rock and roll. Another mesmerizing track  "Ostinato Muzik " This one is probably the most intricate as  "stuff " going on. The vocals do their 'swing', pendulum and punk like . Heavy delay and echo mingle with bass thumps  and beats that would make the late Junkyard Dog WWF wrestler proud. 
The last track "Everybody In the USA"  clocks in over 11 minutes. This will sort out the people with no attention spans. I had no trouble hanging in. The way these guys jam, I was eagerly awaiting to hear , what are they gonna do next ?  On this song you hear Mike pull out  more guitar tricks. For about five minutes you get a percussive and groovy song with some more Lydon - esque vocals, yelling at times, with a ever so slight vibrato but edgy enough to keep you post punk fans tuned in. Then the jamming starts. Guitar bends, tremolo picking, loose and fun soloing that doesn't mimic Greg Ginn's technique exactly, less dissonant and erratic  than Black Flag but the vibe or attitude could be similar.  At 8:12 starts a deja vu like guitar phrase that goes into a freakout ending with a series of hammer ons. "Everybody In The USA " and High Bias ends with a  tension and crescendo that is hard for me to compare. It's like they're making you a musical sandwich and you're hungry. Maybe the waitstaff passes you with someone elses food and you are like "Fuck " but you know its gonna be great when they finally get you there. I'll let you guys hear the rest for yourself. Anything I write won't come close to the actual sound. This record is just a killer rock record for the ages. Buy it Here.- John Meat

Sleaford Mods - English Tapas (Rough Trade)

As a teen in the mid-west, Punk was like a salvation to my friends and I, resistance to our conservative, bible-belt surroundings. Reggae always seemed to go hand-in-hand with Punk, both being what I thought of as Rebel Music, and my favorite tunes from The Clash, The Police, Bad Brains, etc... were the Reggae joints. When I mentioned my interest in Reggae to my older sisters friends at about 15, my soon-to-be friend and dj influence, Jason Miller said "You like Reggae? we need to talk..." 

He would go on to introduce me to dub, as the real extent of my knowledge at that time was Bob Marley, Steele Pulse and Musical Youth, lol. Some of the first dubs that I was introduced to were ROIR tapes, Prince Far-I, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Mad Professor, etc... On-U Sound was another label that he put me on to, he told me that they were a U.K. collective consisting of Punks & Dreads headed by a producer named Adrian Sherwood that put out some mind-blowing records. I had heard the Industrial-Funk-Hip-Hop of Fats Comet / Tackhead at Pogo's (all ages club in K.C./KS in the late 80's) but had yet to hear On-U Reggae tracks. The Pay It All Back II compilation had just been released, I picked up the Netwerk release of the CD which immediately went into my daily playlist along with P.E.'s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and a few others.

I wasn't familiar with Detroit's The Process before their current album Who Is That Mad Band? was sent to me via file transfer by their vocalist and co-founder (alongside Garrick Owen), David Asher. It immediately got my attention due to contributions from some of my musical heroes from the On-U Sound & Tackhead camp - namely Adrian Sherwood and Skip "Little Axe" McDonald as well as Ghetto Priest, David Harrow and the Mighty Upsetter, Lee "Scratch" Perry. Upon further research I found that the band has been fusing Rock & Reggae since 1989, ("On a mission to fight ignorance, apathy and social retardation," says their website), they have produced 8 albums and several singles (available Here). Besides the On-U Sound collaborators, there is a Mothership connection in the band as well, with drummer Gabe Gonzales who played with the P-Funk All-Stars. The album also features one of the last recordings from Dick Wagner, a name previously unfamiliar to me but after some research it became apparent that I'm well aware of his work with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and Kiss to name but a few.


It's been a while since my last update, CC has been out of sight but not out of mind. When David Asher (Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of The Process) contacted me about the new CD, it seemed only appropriate that Cultcha Clash is set back off by it, as the last album by the group was the first review that I did for the site. This time around it's Dub World, which is, as the name implies, an excursion into version including  reworks of some of the previous, Who Is That Mad Band?

As I write this I am enjoying this set of tunes for the third time and each listen sounds better than the last. Strong rhythms and heavy bass through and through make this enjoyable to any dub-head. 

Standouts include "Magnetosphere," which once again enlists Skip "Little Axe" McDonald. "Interstellar Medium," the dub of "Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde" (from Who Is That Mad Band?), is a spacey and ghostly groove with guitar from the late Dick Wagner. David Harrow remixes "Dear Mr. Fantasy" (Ochio Re-Mix), leaving only the vocals from the original interwoven into modular synths and electronic riddims. Finally, "Return The Treasures" (Adrian Sherwood Alternate Mix) featuring the great Lee "Scratch" Perry and Ghetto Priest wraps up the album in a superb fashion.

Check this out, it's available on CD or file formats. Would love to see some vinyl from this one, a 4 song EP or a 7" or 2, hopefully the future will bring Dub World wax. In the meantime, get it HERE. - selecta j-cut 9/20/17

Slope Records

Another track that shines, "Solid Wall of Sound" The use of Elton John's  "Benny and the Jets" vocal hook works every time. "Dis Generation " again , another winning sound.
Track has got guest vocals from Busta Rhymes , this track has Pass the Dutchie sample. The vibe feels like it was released shortly after Low End Theory. Outro has jazzy piano reminiscent of Low End Tracks. "Melatonin" and " "Lost Somebody" are probably the smoothest tracks that merge R & B seamlessly with the native tongue sound.  "Kids"  - I appreciate the syncopation of the beats and Q tip's rhyme. 

Ultramagnetic MC's legendary madman Kool Keith is back with an LP of collaborations. No lightweight MC's here "Super Hero" featuring MF Doom is a banger, as is "Cold Freezer" with Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles and "Bragging Rights" which features Beatnut Psycho Les. Get it HERE.

Meat Sheet Punk Hardcore Indie
Hardcore Punk Indie New Jersey Philadelphia

High Bias starts with "Fever" A killer mid tempo track that could indeed get embedded in your head . The vocal melody that opens and carries this song is indeed infectious.  "3000 A.D." gives you some riffs to chew on that should please the garage, punk, and maybe even some of the harder to please purists who like obvious and obscure ( dare i say ) "classic " rock.  Two tracks that stand out as far as structure would be "Follow You Around" and "Get Your Way"  .  I reckon they are about 3 chords or so in both songs give or take, and it's like one of those dishes you eat and ask what's in it and it's only like three ingredients and you think wow this is working for me. Think of "I Remember You" from the Ramones or similar track by them and you get the overall vibe of these two tracks as far as general sound and melody. "Notion Sickness " is faster track that has a stomping like punk feel . Maybe a faster amped up 'Beach Party Vietnam' by Philly's own Dead Milkmen, maybe kind of like early SST Minutemen vibe or how about maybe one of those beats Billy Stevenson of the Descendents plays that makes you want stomp and clap like a hillbilly? Maybe it's just me.

The Process - Dub World (The Process / Temple Gong Recordings)

There are a few instrumental cuts that exhibit the dancehall-dub madness that should be expected of a collaboration of this caliber - the synth-infused "Metro," the bouncy snare-driven "Aztec Riddim" and "Livid Hip-Hop" (the title speaks for itself).

​"Kajra Mohabbat Wala" is a favorite of mine with the flowing vocals of Hamsika Iyer, an international jam that I am pleased to say will soon be remixed and released as a 10" by Ninja Tune!

This is high quality music made by studio masters who have spent years honing their craft and it shows, don't sleep on this one. Available HERE.

​selecta j-cut 9-21-17

The 13 song album is strong all the way through, starting with the rocking "Mystery Babylon" that would appeal to a fan of Bad Brains heavy Reggae sound. Next comes "Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde" on which genetic modification becomes the topic. "Tribute (To the Heroes)" is one of my favorites on the album, as the title implies an homage to the legends, with a hype steppers riddim and an ill clavichord track, it's definitely a powerful tune. More Roots, Rock, Reggae on "Fire Is Burning," the dub of this one is also included and is well wicked! "Dear Mr. Fantsy" has a driving electronic rhythm with a ballad-like feel. There's more Rasta-Inspired consciousness and progressive Reggae on "The Lion Of Judah Hath Prevailed" and "Psalms Of David." On "It's No Secret" there is a strong world-roots vibe. "Gypsy Wind" is another Reggae rocker and "Time Has Come," with it's unique structure and sparseness, has an On-U Sound feel without a doubt. "Return The Treasures" brings more reality lyrics from Ghetto Priest and Lee "Scratch" Perry and brings it once more with a super-tough dub.

Vinyl Encounters Of The...

Robby - "true story, I challenged Danzig to  arm wrestle 3 times while in line for this photo, then he got pissed and asked if I wanted to have a knife fight,  I said no very dismissively then took this photo. He's legit pissed off in it."

Feederz - WWhD? What Would hitler Do? (Slope Records)

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Check out the Boom-Tune of the day on IG Boom-Tune of the day. Linval Thompson "Mariguana (Dub)"

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Sherwood & Pinch - Man Vs. Sofa (On-U Sound / Tectonic Production)

​VENDORS: Automaton Print Forge, Dazed Records, Riot Rags, Kava Chameleon, Royal Legion Tattoo, Angel's Devilish Creations, Floyd's 99 Barber Shop, Lady Alchemy 13, Button Yer Lip, Concrete Dragon, Olympics Band Merch Market and more TBA!

Although rather obscure here in the states, The Pop Group have well known fans such as Mike Watt, Matt Groening and St. Vincent (she performed their "She Is Beyond Good And Evil" on Jimmy Fallon's show a few years back.) They reunited several years back, starting out playing shows, then releasing a compilation, Cabinet Of Curiosities, then a new LP in 2015, Citizen Zombie along with a successful tour. 2016 brings yet another LP, Honeymoon On Mars. Seven of the track find them returning production to the capable hands of dub master Dennis Bovell, who also produced their debut LP "Y." Bovell gives the tunes just the right dose of ambiance, reverb and delay and 'nuf low end to satisfy the bass fiend in each of us with some lower tempos than the frantic pace of earlier TPG work, with the exception of "Zipperface," a sci-fi action mutant-disco anthem. "Pure Ones," "Days Like These" and the sublime "Heaven?" are some of the standouts, although every tune is great. The other three songs bring them together with another musical idol of mine, Hank Shocklee of the Bomb Squad, P.E.'s production squad, who brings the noise with vigorous use of squeaks and squeals to complete the apocalyptic-funk on "City Of Eyes,'' the banging "War Inc." and the grand finale "Burn Your Flag." 

This one is highly recommended, get it Here. It's very fortunate that this band is still making albums, with a little luck, they'll hit Phoenix on their next U.S. tour. Until then, enjoy. - selecta j-cut

For more information check out The Process on Facebook

The music of Bristol's Mark Stewart was introduced to me when I was about 16. It was a time of musical exploration for me - albeit a much more difficult time than todays information age in which virtually any artists discography is a few keystrokes away. Stewart's band, the Maffia, at one point consisted of U.K. reggae musicians and at another period the Sugarhill Gang Band aka Tackhead provided the rhythms. Mark's lyrics were biting and poignant, he growled, screeched and screamed and On-U Sound maestro Adrian Sherwood provided his production wizardry to make some of the most far-out music that my young mind had yet to hear. My older friends told me about Mark's original band, The Pop Group, who I had read about and knew were part of the late 70's U.K. punk movement and were peers of The Clash and The Slits. I couldn't wait to hear them, my friend played me their second LP, For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder and I was hooked.

On-U Sound on Bandcamp

So every autumn, I feel compelled to revel in Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig 1 - 4 songs. I even dig the Eery Von and Mike Morance projects and Black Aria 1. Those may be more conducive to Halloween than any random Misfits song. But that is another story. I wanted to get an angle this year on something Misfits related that hopefully hasn't been covered. If it has hopefully you haven't heard it from these people. In my opinion Misfits have so many killer songs ,  I asked whomever I could get to answer " What is your least favorite or most skipped over Misfits song and why ? "  I got at least two gems that made me giggle. The others are just opinions from people I knew were really into Misfits.

First one to complete this was Robby Redcheeks. Robby has booked and photographed too many bands to name. He was in several bands, one called Damage. When I was living back east he was all over Philly scene. Here's what he said.
"I'm going to have to go with American Nightmare...  I get thats its an Elvis sort of vibe and thats what I love about some of the earlier Danzig stuff especially on II. but when I want to get my Horror Biz on Elvis impersonations get skipped."

Audio is restricted on YouTube due to copyright issues, hear the full audio on Mixcloud

Coldcut x On-U Sound

The Bug Vs Earth - Concrete Desert (Ninja Tune / Bandcamp)

St. Vincent - Masseduction (Loma Vista)

Check out the Bandcamp page for On-U Sound! There are upcoming reissues of the first four Dub Syndicate LP's as well as a new collection of outtakes and unreleased mixes, Displaced Masters. Release date is November 10.

Last year the label reissued the first four LP's from African Head Charge and issued the collection, Return Of The Crocodile. 

The new St. Vincent LP Masseduction follows up 2014's Grammy winning eponymous LP, and is highly recommended.  St. Vincent (Anne Clarke) and crew maintain a delicate balance of Art and Pop, and create unique, exciting sounds embraceable by  the mainstream without losing the indie spirit.  This can be seen by the line borrowed from The Pop Group in the title track of this album, "I hold you like a weapon."

Get this from Turntable Lab. Check out the videos for "Los Ageless" and "New York."

Phoenix friends, you can see her at The Van Buren on January 26, 2018! More info HERE

Downtown Boys Cost Of Living
The Process Dub World

I was fortunate enough to see The Father Figures open for P.I.L. a few years back and have been looking forward to vinyl from these guys and Heavy Lifting does not disappoint. 

Powerful indie-rock that encompasses the energy and angst of punk but with more wisdom and maturity. The instrumentation is tight and the music is original. Get it from Slope Records HERE. selecta j-cut 10-8-17


Album Review of The Process Who Is That Mad Band?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree (Bad Seed Ltd.)

Presents...Misfits  Least Favorites

I was able to track another  bloke  from my home village down and get his 2 cents on this matter.   Tony Rettman has written 2 books on punk and hardcore as well as many pieces that appear in digital and print media. I believe you can see his stuff in Village Voice , , and other fine  journalistic endeavors . His podcast is pretty damn sick if you fancy hardcore / punk . It's called Green Room Radio and you can find the link Here. If you like Detroit and NYHC circa 1980 - 1990 and you have not checked out his books well you have a chance to now. 
Least favorite Misfits song? 
"the one sublime covered."

Ghetto Priest - Every Man For Every Man (RamRock Records / On-U Sound Production)

​I'm John Meat. I used to publish a printed zine called Meat Sheet. I'm a music fan with a laughable vinyl collection but it's cool, Selecta J-Cut makes up for it. Turns out we saw a few of the same bands and shows in different towns, so it was a natural combo. I'll be covering stuff I'm a fan of, some east coast content, and other stuff. Hope you dig it, you can drop a line @

This record may restore some balance to the music world. High Bias seems pretty straightforward, simple in delivery, yet thick with rhythm. It's filled with practical guitar magic.  However keep in mind what are not hearing are the hours of work that get P.H. and other artists to this point. I imagine that these guys had to start off with rough splintery ideas and gradually file and smooth them out.   That is where the skills lie. High Bias echoes many of the greats from the birth of rock up to recent times.  These guys have songwriting , musicianship, and a handle on melody.  At times I may be focused on the vocals, or melody of the chords , or the throbbing rock groove. Dan and Ben , bass and drums respectively, really shine and compliment Mike's guitar work .  What I enjoy the most is how I never heard these songs but they contain elements of rock that are familiar and not in a derivative or cliche way. It's deliberate but somehow the approach is fresh, and that is uncommon these days.

Kool Keith Feature Magnetic

De La announced over a year ago that their new LP would be funded through Kickstarter, apparently I wasn't the only one excited about this as it was fully funded within a day and went on to far exceed the initial goal. The enthusiasm was not too surprising, the last proper LP was 2004's Grind Date, the wait, however, was not over. It took over a year in the making, but I remained patient and confident that the time was well spent perfecting the product - and after receiving the superbly packaged gatefold double LP, I'm not disappointed in the least.
Material for And The Anonymous Nobody was recorded with contributors, then sampled, chopped and rearranged for fresh sounding tracks without the risk of lawsuit (watch documentary about the making of it HERE). There's no shortage of guests but have no doubts, Pos, Dave and Maseo carry this one all the way through, even the questionable guests (2 Chainz, Usher) are at their best here.

Singers & Players - Staggering Heights (On-U Sound - Remastered Reissue)
Meat Sheet Punk Hardcore Indie

Here is the latest single from Feederz, also on Slope Records.​ As usual, nothing typical from Frank Discussion and company (D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys is drumming on this 7"). It's no holds barred punk rage for a time in which dissent is the most crucial.

Get it HERE. - selecta j-cut 10-9-17